Robert Henderson, a right-wing pastor who recurrently publicizes his assist for President Donald Trump, claimed that “the secular world speaks President Trump,” declaring the president was chosen by God to guide the nation.

“I promise you there’s a curse on our nation, not as a result of the secular world speaks towards President Trump, however as a result of the Christian world does,” Henderson said.

“We’re violating the legal guidelines of God, and we’re violating the methods of God by rising up and talking evil towards President Trump,” he added. “Individuals could not like his mannerisms, they might not like the best way he does issues, they might query his motives, however right here’s the truth: He sits within the seat of the president of the US of America, and due to that, he ought to by no means be reviled, he ought to by no means be spoken evil of, he ought to by no means be criticized.”

“I pray that each one the negativity that has been spoken towards President Trump, that it will not be held to our account,” Henderson stated, “and that the Lord can be merciful to giant parts of the church that thinks that we now have a proper to our opinion.”

In August, Henderson declared he was beseeching “the courts of Heaven” to “dismantle and take away any hindrance to what God needs to do on this election.”

“We have to carry the threats of the Antichrist spirit earlier than the courts of Heaven,” he said on the time, suggesting that there have been grave forces at working looking for to take away Trump from the chief workplace.


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