Republicans and Trump are mendacity about Joe Biden complicated George W. Bush and Trump at a video occasion with supporters.

Right here is the video through Dave Weigel:

As you may see and listen to, Biden was clearly speaking to the comic George Lopez.

Within the video, Biden stated, “Not as a result of I’m working, however as a result of who I’m working towards, that is probably the most consequential election in an extended, lengthy, very long time. And the character of the nation, for my part, is actually on the poll. What sort of nation we’re gonna be? 4 extra years of George, ah, George… gonna discover ourselves ready the place if Trump will get elected, we’re going to be in a special world.”

Trump weighed in with some typical falsehoods:

Republicans need voters to imagine that Joe Biden is the one with psychological issues when Donald Trump can’t stop talking about banning cows.

The Russian propaganda and assaults on Hunter Biden have failed. Over 50 million votes have been solid, and Republicans are nonetheless attempting to persuade America that Joe Biden isn’t mentally match to be president. One take heed to each candidates makes it clear that the unfit particular person on this race is Donald Trump.

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