As successful even Texas drifts into the realm of possibility, the Biden-Harris marketing campaign is making a last-minute play for the state with a three-city go to from Kamala Harris to Fort Price, Houston, and McAllen.

As The Dallas Morning News points out, nevertheless, gaining a Texas victory on the presidential stage might be not the highest objective of the visits. The actual push, by Harris, is to goose Democratic turnout in races that can determine management of the Texas Home. Yep. Republicans are in such dire straits in these closing days that it is potential they might lose their grip on the Texas Home. It is also potential {that a} sturdy closing drive by Democrats may shake unfastened just a few extra of the state’s extra precarious Republican congressional weirdos. Perhaps. Maybe.

That is to not say Democrats aren’t making an actual play for the state’s electoral votes. New York Wealthy Man Michael Bloomberg is spending $15 million in last-minute ads boosting Biden in Texas and Ohio. If Biden wins both state, Trump cannot win and this factor turns right into a rout.

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